Code of Ethics

When looking to purchase a Bengal Cat it is important to vet the breeder. They should follow the principles of an association such as TICA, CFA, WCF

Example of a Breeder’s code of ethics:

I/We undertake to house, feed and care for all cats and kittens in my care and to call for veterinary assistance when showing signs of illness.
I/We undertake to use only studs and queens for breeding that are healthy, have no veterinary defects or known hereditary defects and are registered on the Active Register of a suitably recognised registering organisation.
I/We undertake not to sell any kitten under the age of thirteen weeks. All kittens sold shall be in good health having been conventionally vaccinated against FIE, FVR and FCV. for t he full course, in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations by a qualified veterinarian. The kittens also to have been health checked by a veterinarian.
I/We shall take care in selling cats or kittens to the right kind of homes where there is a reasonable expectation of a healthy and happy life and undertake that no cat or kitten will be directly or indirectly sold to retail pet shops or commercial traders.
I/We undertake to give guidance and advice to the owners of a new cat or kitten and agree to help with rehoming if the owner’s circumstances change.
I/We undertake to not knowingly mislead anyone with regard to the quality or health of the cat or kitten being sold, not to sell for showing or breeding any cat or kitten that does not have the required breeding or showing potential nor knowingly misrepresent the characteristics of the breed, nor falsely advertise cats or kittens for sale and agree to always act in good faith.
I/We undertake that when a cat or kitten is advertised or sold as a pedigree the breeder shall at the time of sale, provide the purchaser with a properly completed pedigree signed by the breeder carrying at least three generations, showing all breed names and numbers, registration numbers and the breeders name and address. If, at the time of sale, the cat or kitten is registered the seller shall provide the purchaser with a transfer of ownership form completed and signed by the seller unless agreed by both parties in writing not to do so.
I/We undertake that when selling a Bengal variant, a full explanation is given of what the term ‘variant’ means.
For Bengals: I/We agree that F1, F2 and F3 outcrosses from the wild Asian Leopard Cat should not be placed on show. Exhibition of F2 and F3 outcrosses from the wild Asian Leopard Cat is permitted; the owner must consider said cats suitable for exhibition.
I/We agree that it is my/our responsibility to be aware of and comply with any legislation that concerns my/our cat related activities; be said legislation local, national or international.

Be sure to choose a breeder that conducts an honest and professional business guided by these principles to ensure you receive a healthy Bengal Cat.